Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Tuesday with Margie

Hi everyone! I'm a volunteer at Berkeley Humane and just wanted to share the story of a really special day that I had at Berkeley Humane recently with a really awesome dog named Margie. (Her Petfinder profile is here.)

So last Tuesday I was in the mood to take a day off, get out of the house, and head over to the shelter (one of my favorite places.)

I had made a special date with the longest shelter resident named Margie and we were going to spend the day together... just two girls hanging out around Berkeley.

I'd met Margie a bunch before, including when my friend Kira and I took her photo, and couldn't believe she was still at BEBHS. I was really excited to give her as much time out of her kennel as she could ever want.

So we headed off for our walk!

I figured we would go somewhere calm and quiet and sit in the grass for a while, so we headed through the pretty, calm neighborhoods of Berkeley. From the moment we hit the trails, I was having the best time. Margie is so incredibly smart and SO much fun to be with. She would periodically look up at me, smiling, making eye contact, like "Oh hey! This is FUN, friend!" but in a goofy way that seriously made my chuckle out loud every time.

She has a super expressive face and it seriously made me chuckle all day. Her personality is also one that I just ADORE. She, like so many Am Staffs, is just so incredibly clever. They do very funny and human-like things that you don't see with so many other dogs. Like slowly inching her way to a stick in the grass (via a sly army crawl when she thought I wasn't watching). Or moving 4ft from me with her toy when she was just tuckered out from fetch and didn't want me to grab it and toss it again. She cracked me up the whole time!

While we were strolling/sitting, people were constantly saying "What a happy pretty dog you have!" I would reply that she wasn't mine and that she was adoptable, and they would just dote on her and be in disbelief that she didn't have a family yet. She is a charmer for sure.

SO.. we strolled through neighborhoods, smelled lots of flowers, watched some construction, and sat in a park. I had had a stressful few days and I SWEAR she wiggled closer to me and looked up at me like "Hey its totally cool. I get stressed too. Lets just be quiet and relax and watch these kids play kickball." It was incredible. I felt like I was spending the day with a longtime girlfriend, she was that lovely.

We did that for a while and then headed back to the shelter, where we played fetch in the warehouse so she could run like a banshee if she wanted. She was quite tuckered out by the end! (The fact that she spent the day prior swimming at the Albany Bulb with her buddies probably helped that.)

Anyway, I snapped some pics of the sweetie pie and also made a quick video of my day with her.

Would you mind sharing Margie with your friends to help her find a match? She has been at the shelter for a while and really needs to find her family.  I (and my friend Margie) would really appreciate it. (:

Margie! from Berkeley Humane on Vimeo.

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