Tuesday, October 23, 2012

After BEBHS: Lucy

 A note from Lucy's family:

I adopted Lucy (who was then called Freya) in Spring 2005 (April I think).  She was only 5 months old and had just arrived from Best Friends Animal Society the week before.  She was TERRIFIED of life in Berkeley and it took a lot of patience and training to be able to go for walks and not have her be scared of my husband.  She was incredibly sweet from the start, but so damaged from whatever happened to her prior to Best Friends.  

It wasn't easy at first, but we got through it and here we are over 7 years later and that is all a distant memory!  She is THE SWEETEST, most sensitive and gentle dog I've ever known.  She has given me so much throughout our time together and I love her so much.  Two years ago my husband and I adopted another dog (not from BEBHS) and they are incredible friends.  They play together every day and I know Lucy is really happy to have a buddy in the house.  We're 2 weeks away from having our first child and I know Lucy will be the most wonderful dog around babies.

I've never known exactly what her breed mix is, but I'm pretty sure she's part German Shepherd.  She must be mixed with something small because she's only 40 pounds and is very petite.  She loves to run and is really fast.  Her favorite activities are playing with our other dog, Fred, going for walks, and stalking squirrels and groundhogs.  I'm attaching a couple current pictures of her.  She is an absolute gem and I will forever be grateful that she is mine.  I can't imagine not adopting a dog.  It's certainly the best way to go in my opinion :)


After BEBHS is a weekly post where we will feature notes and photos from animals rescued by BEBHS and adopted into their forever homes.  If you've adopted a pet from us, we would love to hear from you! Please send update and photos to ksmitley@berkeleyhumane.org.

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  1. Wonderful! What sort of training did she have to get her to be unafraid of your husband and strangers? A friend adopted a dog from a breeder :-( with similar fears.