Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After BEBHS: Joanie

A note from Joanie's family:

My mom adopted "Joan," (now called Joanie), a 7 1/2 year-old, spayed chihuahua mix in January-ish 2009. When she was abandoned by her owner, she weighed over 15 pounds and her belly was sagging on the floor. Now, three years later, she weighs in at 13.5 lbs and is looking very fit! 
Her favorite activities remain eating and begging for treats, and with daily walks, which she also loves, she is healthier than ever. Her favorite activities besides eating are sunbathing, licking the air, wagging her tail and getting her teeth brushed with chicken flavored toothpaste. 
Her dislikes are hardwood and linoleum floors, on which she only walks backwards, and "Lucy" another BEBHS adoptee [see previous After BEBHS  post.] Joanie adores my mom and loves to be with her dog siblings.

Joanie is a sweet and quirky little girl and has made a wonderful addition to our family!

Attached are a couple pictures of Joanie today. 

Thank you for being such a great shelter and giving us so many little critters to fawn over throughout the years!

After BEBHS is a weekly post where we will feature notes and photos from animals rescued by BEBHS and adopted into their forever homes.  If you've adopted a pet from us, we would love to hear from you! Please send update and photos to ksmitley@berkeleyhumane.org.

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