Saturday, September 8, 2012


In this season of endless requests to vote for countless candidates and causes, why would we ask you to vote for us? Because Chase Community Giving will distribute $5 million between 196 nonprofits, and we could use any amount of that to help us continue our work to save and improve lives and send cats and dogs home with the very best adopters. 

We would purchase:
  • needed surgical equipment and medicine for sick and injured animals and for spay/neuter surgeries
  • food and enrichment supplies for our shelter animals, and for the pets of seriously ill or low-income community members that need help to avoid pet surrender
  • items to help comfort and reduce stress for our cats and kittens in foster homes
  • supplies and equipment to improve efficiency of care in our current, very condensed space until we can rebuild our fire-damaged shelter
The heart and soul of BEBHS is in the people who come to work here every day for the animals, the volunteers who serve alongside them, the visitors who arrive in hopes of finding a new family member, and the community--near and far--that supports our services and programs. We rely on this grassroots support to continue our work and mission.

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  1. You can actually vote for BEBHS two or three times! After you vote on facebook, you can get an extra vote for BEBHS by sharing the link facebook provides you (and getting a friend to vote through it). And then if you are a Chase customer, you can vote a third time for BEBHS at!