Friday, September 21, 2012

I got a refresher course this week in what's important. The debacle of the Chase Community Giving program--Chase mistakenly posted on our voting page that BEBHS was a "$10K Recipient"--was a big disappointment. We SO could have used $10,000. I felt really sad for our animals when I found out about the "technical error" that caused the incorrect post. But I was reminded today by a friend, volunteer, and supporter that BEBHS is still a big winner.

We win because we are supported by the best community ever.
We win because we know the reward of introducing precious pets to their new families.
We win because we are valued for the important work we do.

The list of reasons why we win is virtually endless. And my personal win is that I no longer feel sad, frustrated, and angry. Instead, I was reminded that relationships--between people and pets, between our community and us--are what truly matter.

The impersonal email we received from Chase telling us that we would not receive any grant money seemed strangely unprofessional for such a large, presumably polished organization. I have a feeling they're not feeling like winners today, given the feedback I've seen on their Facebook page from other nonprofits that had the same experience yesterday as we did.

But I don't feel sorry for Chase. And I don't feel sorry for us. Instead, I have a renewed love for where I work and for the community in which I live. We did not lose anything yesterday.


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