Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ernest and Stallion

Ernest showing off his bow tie
Two of my favorite cats are Ernest and Stallion. These big black boys just pull my heart strings.

Ernest contemplating the universe
I love the way Ernest sits on his perch with his little paws curled around the edge. And I love his white patch on his chest; it makes him look like he’s wearing a bow tie. And he’s a talker! He’ll have entire conversations with you. I don’t quite speak cat yet (it’s on my to-do list to learn), but with all his different meows, I’m sure he’s saying something. He has a quick staccato meow that sounds just like “Hey!” And then there’s his succession of three meows of different tones, Mmra, mow, meow. Low, high, low. That’s definitely conversational. Like “listen to this!” I could spend hours conversing with him. Maybe we’ll unlock the secrets of the universe together.

Stallion’s an entirely different kind of cat. He’s got this big Maine Coon mane that frames his face, making him look like a lion. And his long bushy tail. And those big furry paws. He’s just a big black ball of soft loveable fur. Plus, his favorite toys are drinking straws. He may be big and handsome, but he’s not afraid to bat a straw around like a kitten. I love a cat that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Stallion's getting silly

But my favorite part about him is his purr. It’s deep and sonorous. Rumbling and rich. And he’s always got a purr at the ready, just waiting to envelop you in its soft, warm tones. He purrs when you pet him. He purrs when you feed him. He purrs at the sight of you sometimes. When I’m grumpy or stressed, I take a Stallion break. The sound of his purr and his soft fur gently nuzzling into my hand help me feel at peace.

It will be a bitter-sweet moment for me when these two boys get adopted. I’ll be thrilled to see them leave the shelter and go to loving homes. But I’ll miss them. I’m looking forward to that day, when they’re nostalgic memories.

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